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  • By yuki loh

    she look kinda like Maddie but Maddie is much prettier !

  • By Nicole Erquiaga

    Can someone say me were i can see dance moms full episodes

  • By Sophie W

    I just wish Mackenzie had the same effect that Maddie does when she dances. I watched Maddie's Cry then Kenzie's then Maddie's again and Maddie just emotes so much when she dances, she feels the music and gives her soul. Mackenzie is great but I think she's just really afraid of lyrical and contemporary solos because she's only done a couple and it's not her forte and she knows she's being compared to her sister, which isn't fair but hey, everybody is going to do it. She always has the look on her face like she's scared to death. I feel like her smile was very forced in during this dance. She's more of an acro dancer/gymnast but she should still work on these types of pieces. They push her a lot more, technically and emotionally. 

  • By TheFierceFive

    melissa's fake crys over mack z make me sick we all know maddie is her fav kid even at the end to hind her fake crying she said "i didn't think one time of maddie during that solo" yea right shut up, macks better than maddie anyways

  • By Candie Lin

    I think Mackenzie did great!!! I think Mackenzie should of got first

  • By nicole chartrand

    When Chloe competed against this Abby made sure her dance sucked. (Like what was that?) Chloe's chorepgraphy was so bad that she barely had a chance to come in over 5th. Abby really gives Chloe crappy dances. Just saying...

  • By maddison jayde

    i think she would of got first place if she didnt smile, cuz the songs called cry

  • By gina x

    McKenzie is still better technically 

  • By BeautyBySpencer

    Is it just me or does it sound edited at 0:00 when Melissa says "Abby wants MACKENZIE to grow as a dancer" Like I know it's not a big deal it just sounded kind of weird to me.

  • By PurpleNovels

    Mackenzie's dancing style is so diff from Maddie's and for her to do so well with this piece just shows how talented Mackenzie is. 

  • By Sanaa Chisley

    I think Kenzie's facial expressions were much more sweet and innocent than Maddie's were.

  • By jazlyn

    Mackenzie is such a cutie she did amazing

  • By Chloe Jackson

    In Maddie's actual dance, she did her turns to the right, I have noticed that Mackenzie is left leg dominant so she does turns to the left. But when we see the grey box that shows Maddie at that time, they are turning the same way. I know Mackenzie is turning to the left, but Maddie didn't. I am very confused.

  • By Jenn X

    She did well, but I feel Maddie is great because she is so clean.. Kenzie could be a lot cleaner

  • By Born to be Ellie

    The first bit sounds like it was edit and Melissa didn't even say anything😏

  • By Hermione

    She looks exactly like Maddie

  • By camvplove5h

    um... why is she smiling the whole dance? it's called "cry" she shouldn't be smiling

  • By Shelley Harrison

    She was great but didn't have the amazing effect like caddie does with her facial expressions 

  • By Amy Perry

    I feel sorry for Mackenzie, Abby is always expecting her to be just like Maddie. She has said in a few episodes "Maddie could do that when she was your age" but they aren't the same and I don't think they should be compared.

  • By Tamri san

    Did she place 2nd??

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